Girls at camp.

Girl Scout Volunteer-Led Day Camps

Girls at volunteer-led day campGo to Girl Scout Day Camp in your backyard! Check out these volunteer-led day camps. Each program is conducted by registered Badgerland Girl Scout volunteers. Programs range from a single day to a full week. Registration is directly with the Day Camp program. Return to this page frequently as we add more day camps around Badgerland.

Day Camp Packets
Camp Paradise Day Camp (Beaver Dam and surrounding communities)
Winding Paths Day Camp (Whitehall and surrounding communities)
Horsin' Around Day Camp (Camp Oakwood Knoll)
Unique U G-E-T Area Day Camp (MA 30, Trempealeau and surrounding communities)

Questions about a specific day camp? Contact the Day Camp facilitator listed in the packet. Questions about day camps? Contact Courtney Feuquay a 800.236.2710 x1157 or

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